18.07.2013 | Reports

The Icelandic Economy: 2013 edition

Despite substantial challenges over the past few years, the general economy is well functional and many Icelandic businesses remain strong. The Icelandic economy is based on reliable foundations and has strong growth opportunities going forward. The society is dynamic and technology-driven with a young and well educated workforce.

01.12.2012 | Reports

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Guidelines on Corporate Governance are published by the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, NASDAQ OMX Iceland hf. and the Confederation of Icelandic Employers. The objective of the guidelines is to improve corporate governance by clarifying roles and responsibilities of managers and enable them to uphold the interest of all stakeholders.

01.11.2007 | Reports

The Internationalisation of Iceland's Financial Sector

The internationalisation of the Icelandic financial sector proceeded from market liberalisation, European integration, and privatisation, on the base of a strong, well-funded pension system and an exceptionally healthy institutional framework. This report examines closely the current state of the Icelandic banks and financial sector, as well as the regulatory and macroeconomic environment.

01.02.2007 | Reports

Iceland's Advance

The recent sharp increase in Icelandic foreign direct investment (FDI) has caught the attention of the international financial community, gaining special attention in the media of Denmark and the UK, where Icelandic businesses have been most active. Such aggressive expansion raises questions that must be answered in order to ensure a proper flow of information between Icelandic businesses and their host nations.

01.05.2006 | Reports

Financial Stability in Iceland

Recent volatility in Iceland's asset markets have raised concerns about the fragility of Iceland's economy. In this respect many have looked to the country’s large current account deficit. This study provides a framework for evaluating financial fragility by examining the fundamentals of Iceland's economy to see whether they suggest that the country could go down the traditional routes to financial instability.