The Chamber publishes mainly in Icelandic. However, some publications are also issued in English, including a report on the Icelandic economy, corporate governance guidelines and English summaries of Icelandic publications.

23.06.2015 | Reports

​New edition of the Corporate Governance Guidelines now available

A new version of the Corporate Governance Guidelines has been published. The Guidelines support company boards and executives in fulfilling their obligations effectively. Additionally, good corporate governance practices increase trust in business.

13.02.2015 | News

Pictures from the Annual Business Forum

Here you can see a summary of pictures from the Annual Business Forum that was held at Hilton Reykjavík Nordica on February 12th 2015.

13.01.2015 | News

Iceland Chamber of Commerce has moved to a new location

Iceland Chamber of Commerce has moved from Kringlan 7 to Borgartún 35 (5th floor), 105 Reykjavík. The office is open from 8 to 16, Monday through Friday. We welcome our customers to visit us at the new location.

28.08.2014 | Presentations

The Icelandic Economy: Presentation

The Chamber recently published a new report called “The Icelandic Economy” The report covers the current economic landscape, recent developments and notable events in Iceland‘s political, economic and business environment and Iceland‘s future prospects with regards to the economy‘s external obligations and long-term growth prospects.

17.07.2014 | News

Website under construction

The English version of the ICoC website is currently transitioning to a new version. Some functionality and hyperlinks may be broken during this time.

17.07.2014 | Reports

The Icelandic Economy: An Overview

The Icelandic economy has undergone drastic changes since the financial crisis in 2008. This report provides an overview of the current state of the economy, recent developments, and Iceland‘s future prospects.

13.07.2014 | News

Opening hours 14 July - 8 August

The opening hours of the Chamber offices will be reducred from 14 July to 8 August. During the period, opening hours will be from 9am to 2pm. Regular opening hours (from 8am to 4pm) will resume on 9 August.

24.06.2014 | Presentations

Cutting the Gordian Knot

The ICoC has published an English summary of its opinion piece regarding the failed banks' estates. The publication is intended to help foreign parties interested in the matter to gain an insight into the issue.

24.06.2014 | Presentations

The Failed Banks' Estates

Iceland has been unable to lift the capital controls due to a shortage of foreign currency. This is in large part due to the currency need of the failed banks’ estates. Creditor expectations of domestic asset recovery exceed the Chamber’s estimated scope for exemptions from the capital controls.

21.04.2014 | Presentations

Iceland’s EU Accession Negotiations

This report, conducted by the University of Iceland's Institute of International Affairs, surveys Iceland’s accession process with the European Union, how it proceeded and the status of the application when put on hold in early 2013.